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GISBERT water The new generation for comprehensive water management

Taking care of our water supply is one of the most important responsibilities mainly carried with great personal effort.

In order to guarantee the future quality of our water, it is imperative to preserve this unique specialist knowledge in every detail for the generations to come. However, with traditional data-keeping methods new comprehensive tasks required to meet current standards and directives are hardly to be managed anymore.

This is why GISBERT Water Management was developed.


GISBERT Water is the only GIS solution on the market that can offer you optimum quality assurance, including risk management, through guaranteed compliance with water supply facility standards and by providing comprehensive records in case any unforseen problems occur.

"Before I became an operator of a water supply facility, my father had already been an operator for 40 years. But I would like to do this job in a different way. With the GISBERT team I found a really simpe solution, which I can manage very well." Operator of the water supply facility, Kuchl

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