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Working with geographical information systems (GIS) has becomme common practice, but software solutions alone do not really simplify the complex tasks in present sewer management for the long-term.

 The GIS experts of SFCU have developed GISBERT for you.

GISBERT is the simplest comprehensive GIS solution currently available in the market.

 Scope of service

GISBERT is unique:

Maximum compatibility

GISBERT works with other software: ArcGis, GeoOffice, GemGis, AutoCad etc.

Comprehensive scope of data:

GISBERT manages all network data: sewer system, water, lightning, gas, district heat, power plant networks etc.

Simplest application

GISBERT can be easily linked to EXCEL and WORD. The application is so simple that even after a long absence from using the program you will immediately be familiar with it again.

Minimum training:

GISBERT software solutions are easily used after a very short training period.

Unique program for old and young staff

Our experience has shown that even staff without previous knowledge can quickly and productively benefit from working with our programs.



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