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GISBERT offers multipurpose problem solution competence


Due to client interest and first successful applications we have allready advanced GISBERT and can extended our services to you according to your special requirements. We can offer you upon request:


  • •  EDV - Consulting service hardware, Network support service, Installation on site
  • •  Training - Work safety, Inspection, Maintenance, Special technical training
  • •  Construction - Rehabilitation - Consulting, Coordination of construction, Tender, Supervision of construction,  Accounting
  • •  Customer Support - GIS costumer (ArcGis, GeoOffice, AutoCad etc.)


Our GISBERT Team is specifically formed for your application.

It is backed by an expert team of engineers with long-standing experience in sewer management, working together with sewer-experienced EDP specialists and surveyors in order to find the best and most efficient solution for you.


Through our clients GISBERT has been adapted to other field as well.

GISBERT Water management, GISBERT Ski, and GISBERT Hunt is now available. Further applications are continuously being developed by our GISBERT team in cooperation with our clients for their spcial needs.

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