Sewer Systems

Sewer Systems  GIS sewer management can be THAT simple

The ISF sewer experts have developed GISBERT for municipalities and wastewater associations to assist in structural and administrative simplification and to increase the efficiency of GIS-based sewer network data banks. GISBERT is a plattform-independent tool, client-tailored for the practical requirements on site. 

The secret of GISBERT´s simplicity lies in consistent, gradual project management and in the modular concept of the GISBERT software components.

 Project management




"I never thought that working with GIS can be so easy. Within GISBERT handheld and the simple GISBERT application I can make it om my own without any problems - and this with just minimum training..." 
Sewer Network Operation Manager of the Wastewater Association Tennengau South, 2007